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Cotton and Cottonseed Fumigation

Cotton and Cottonseed Fumigation by Atlantic Fumigation Services Helps Cotton Flourish Worldwide

Two of the most important products to ship from the Southeast are cotton and cottonseed. Economies, not just in the south, but worldwide, depend on cotton and cottonseed for textiles, oils and livestock feed. That’s why our cotton and cottonseed fumigation service is in such high demand—we keep cotton and cottonseed free of dangerous insects.

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Atlantic Fumigation Services, founded in 1981, has been the region’s leading fumigation service for cotton growers, warehouses and shippers for more than 35 years. Our time-tested cottonseed fumigation process produces reliable results. We are prompt, thorough and cost-effective. It is why more than 90% of our business is repeat business.

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Needless-to-say, insects can damage cottonseed when it is in storage. Primarily, our cotton and cottonseed fumigation assignments are preventative, but sometimes we are called in to treat an infestation. Either way, we make certain to keep your cotton and cottonseed presentable and free of insects

As the cotton and cottonseed industry grows, so too does the need to keep cotton and cottonseed free of insects. The Atlantic Fumigation Services staff is certified to control the spread of pests of all types. Our record is unblemished and we are pleased to have all of the region’s leading growers, warehouses, brokers and shippers as customers.
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Containerized Cottonseed

Keeping the world’s cotton economy thriving in part starts with the keeping cottonseed safe. It is a responsibility we embrace and one we would be delighted to share with you.

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