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Shipping Container, Heavy Equipment and Vehicles Steam Cleaning

Atlantic Fumigation Services Specializes in Steam Cleaning Shipping Containers, Heavy Equipment and Vehicles

Located in one of the busiest and fastest growing ports in the world—Savannah, GA—Atlantic Fumigation Services is the Southeast’s leader in shipping container, heavy equipment and vehicle steam cleaning and contaminant removal. Founded in 1981, we work closely with US Customs and Border Protection, the Georgia Ports Authority and our hundreds of customers to make certain import/export containers, heavy equipment and vehicles are free of pests and other contaminants once they enter or before they leave the US.

steam cleaning hullIn today’s global economy, the high volume of containers, equipment and vehicles passing through our ports and related businesses exposes us all to the increased threat of invasive pests and plant material. The same is true for other countries. Our comprehensive steam cleaning process helps everyone do their part to protect U.S. and international agricultural, livestock and the general population.

Best of all, our steam cleaning crew and equipment are mobile. We will clean your containers, equipment and vehicles at the port, your storage facility, our yard or wherever else you need us to go.

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When You Need to Steam Clean Your Shipping Containers, Heavy Equipment or Vehicles Steam Cleaned to Comply with Local Import/Export Regulations, Call the Experts at Atlantic Fumigation Services

automobile steam cleanContainer, equipment and vehicle cleaning is a critical step that Freight Forwarders, Custom House Brokers and Shippers, among others, need to take to prevent container and cargo contamination and to comply with the rigorous import/export rules of the US and other countries. Using water temperatures of more than a 180° F, we wet and heat all surfaces, then steam clean them at high pressure until all soil and other debris is removed. The runoff from our cleaning programs is handled according to all local and port guidelines, and perhaps most important we always work under the direct supervision of an US Customs and Border Protection agriculture specialist. Much like our customers, we are the first choice of the region’s CBP agents because they know that we will do the job right the first time.


In short, when you engage Atlantic Fumigation Services to clean your shipping containers, equipment and/or vehicles, you get peace of mind knowing that 1) you have done your part to help protect our borders and 2) that your containers, equipment and vehicles will be in compliance with US Customs and Border Protection

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