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Warehouse Fumigation

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Founded in 1981 in Savannah, Georgia, in the heart of one of the country’s largest and busiest port operations, Atlantic Fumigation Services has been helping port related warehouses keep unwanted pests out of their operations for more than 35 years. We have the knowledge, contacts, equipment and experience you need to make certain your Warehouse is free of dangerous pests.

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Atlantic Fumigation Services is the Region’s Best Warehouse Fumigation Service.

Atlantic Fumigation Services has more Warehouse customers, more experience and more credibility in the Southeast US than any other commercial fumigation company. Warehouse Fumigation has been a specialty of ours for decades, and for good reason.

warehouse wrapped palletsAs you know, certain pests can compromise products stored in warehouses, particularly peanut, cotton and cottonseed warehouses. In addition to exposing product to contaminants, unwanted bugs can scar packaging and make the product look like its been damaged or infested. This is particularly true with seed bags.

container truck at warehouseAtlantic Fumigation’s proven warehouse fumigation and pest management techniques solve this problem by detecting, monitoring and treating troublesome pests before they become a major challenge.

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