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Turn to Atlantic Fumigation Services When Seed Debris, Illegal Drugs, Prohibited Imports and Regulated Garbage Needs to be Incinerated

Atlantic Fumigation Services is the only US Customs and Border Protection certified incineration company in Savannah and coastal Georgia. When prohibited imports and debris needs to be destroyed according to strict CBP guidelines, Atlantic Fumigation should be your choice. Not only are we local, we have more than 35 years of experience and have earned the full confidence of the US Customs and Border Protection agents, the police and other local and federal authorities.
Every incineration order is carried out according to published emissions and security standards.

Of particular import, every year authorities seize millions of pounds of illegal drugs that have to be destroyed in a safe and secure environment. Atlantic Fumigation Services has the trusted staff and appropriate vehicles to transport these drugs under supervision of law enforcement to their incineration facility and to destroy the illegal drugs safely and promptly—usually well within 72 hours or receiving them.

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One of the Atlantic Fumigation Services incinerators is mobile and self-contained. It can be moved to the ports, a shipyard, even a warehouse to destroy prohibited material on site as safely and securely as if it were being incinerated at their home facility.

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Every day US Customs and Border Protection agents prevent prohibited products and plant material from entering the US. Illegal drugs, beans and other foodstuffs, even brooms and bamboo stakes, are examples of some of these prohibited products. They all must be destroyed and the method most often required is controlled incineration.

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Atlantic Fumigations Services maintains an annual compliance agreement with US Customs and Border Protection. This agreement demands strict adherence to government mandated procedures and regulations for the safety of the US population, its livestock and agriculture. When Atlantic Fumigation Services is engaged, you know the incineration process will be executed without issue. That’s because we have the proven equipment, procedural knowledge and certified staff to carry out every assignment seamlessly.

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