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Seed Removal

Atlantic Fumigation Services is the Seed Vacuuming Specialist for the Southeastern United States.

Atlantic Fumigation Services is the industry leading seed removal and disposal company located in the heart of the Savannah, GA’s import/export community. Founded in 1981, we have the experience you need to make certain that seed debris found in your overseas shipping containers is removed and incinerated within 72 hours, in compliance with all US Customs and Border Protection regulations. In fact, we are the only seed removal company in Savannah and coastal Georgia with a US Customs and Border Protection compliance agreement.

seed vacuumAtlantic Fumigation Services protects US and international port operations from unwanted seed debris by exhaustively vacuuming containers and other vehicles and then incinerating it according to the rigorous standards established by the USDA and other authorities.

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When US Customs and Broader Protection Flags Your Shipping Containers for Seed Debris Removal, You Need to Contact the Professionals at Atlantic Fumigation Services for Prompt, Thorough Service.

Contaminated seeds found in domestic and overseas shipping containers are considered to be a major source for the spread of invasive plant material and insects. We work hand-in-hand with the US Customs and Border Protection Service, Georgia Ports Authority, Shipping Companies, Warehouses, Freight Forwarders and Customs House Brokers to make certain dangerous seed material does not enter or leave our borders.

vacuum with knifeThe Savannah, GA, ports are among the nation’s busiest and fastest growing in the United States. The sheer volume of imports and exports requires a highly responsive and professional seed vacuuming service to not only prevent the spread of seed borne disease, but also to prevent unnecessary shipping container delays and the painful costs associated with them.

That’s why import/export companies all over the Southeast and, indeed, the world, turn to Atlantic Fumigation Services. We are certified by US Customs and Border Protection and have the experience, equipment and crew to get the job done for you promptly.

When you engage Atlantic Fumigation Services to seed vacuum your shipping containers, you can be confident that that every surface, every corner, and every crack will be thoroughly inspected and vacuumed to meet the high standards of all regulatory authorities. We arrange with you to have your containers moved to an approved warehouse and then we thoroughly strip them out. Our skilled staff and filtered vacuums collect, without exception, every prohibited seed in your containers and then incinerate them according to strict USDA guidelines with 72 hours. This is all done under the direct supervision of a US Customs and Border Protection agricultural specialist.

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Find out how easy it is to remove troublesome seed debris from your shipping containers.
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